Pregnant client becomes smoke free

At 22 weeks this client was referred to us by her midwife. She had considered quitting for about a year before but the pregnancy swung the decision. She had smoked for 17 years prior to working with OSS.

I was recommend the service by the midwife as I am pregnant.  I also felt like it was time to stop and pregnancy gave me a good reason.’

Once referred we made the process as easy as possible for her, finding the closest clinic to her home and organising the appointments. We offered her 1:1 sessions and this meant she could bring her youngest child with her.

By working 1:1 with the client we were able to offer advice on what products were available and could be right for her.

‘I chose the NRT products which were right for me.  I gave it just under a week before I quit.  Stopped smoking for 3 weeks and lapsed.  Went back to quitting smoking.  NRT has helped a lot.’ (Quickmist and inhalator)

Having another smoker in the house and being a busy mum meant at times our client found it challenging. However she was able to get back on track. We offered support weekly and over time she was able to change habits associated with smoking, filling times she would usually smoke to break the habit.

One to one support with Denise was helpful. Denise rang me every week to give support. It helped because it made sure I was sticking to it and gave me someone to answer to. I found Denise friendly and supportive.

I put things into place so that I was busy, so I would not smoke.’

Covid 19 has made going smoke free harder for a lot of clients. Not being able to go out and fill time with other activities.

Even in isolation, our client managed to remain on track and has now been smoke free for 4 weeks.

‘I feel I’ve got more energy now I’ve quit. I would 100% recommend the service to others.  The support was there.  Not having to pay for NRT helped as did not have to consider the cost of buying it.  Service does everything they can to help you stop by providing you with the means to do so.’

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