‘I feel proud of myself for stopping’

After a midwife referral our client is now three months smoke free.

“I was pregnant and my midwife referred me.  It was easy to attend the clinic because  the face-to-face sessions were convenient and near where I live as I don’t drive.  I was also able to access free NRT.”

“I saw my Adviser, Denise, weekly.  Denise kept in regular touch with me which was helpful because it kept me on track. Being able to talk to someone and discuss what I was finding difficult helped. Denise had lots of helpful ideas that helped me to change my habits.”

“Using the Service helped me to stick to quitting.  I have not found quitting easy in the past but using the service made it a lot easier that doing it by myself. My midwife is really pleased I have quit, and I feel proud of myself for doing it. I think I will be able to stay away from smoking after my baby is born but if I struggle Denise said to call OneSmallStep and they would help me again.”

“I’d recommend the service to other people.   Denise was really friendly and helped me to carry on.”

I wanted to quit smoking but wasn’t sure how to go about it, I found OneSmallStep on Facebook. Having a stop smoking advisor call me each week to offer support in a really friendly and knowledge way was helpful. In the early days it acted as an extra incentive not to ‘cheat’
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