Tracking your success

So, you’ve made the decision to change your eating habits, get fitter and maybe lose some weight?

How can you track you progress and success?  Download a free copy of the NHS food and activity chart here:           

There are some great trackers and planners on the market.  But if you want ease and for the tracker to be in the palm of your hand. How about trying one of the mobile phone apps? Below, we take a look at 3 of the most popular apps.

My Fitness Pal

With the biggest food database, the My Fitness Pal app has been voted the best for 4 straight years.  Tracking food, working out recipe calories, even restaurants are listed.  It’s free to download and it links to other apps, tracking your exercise as well as your eating.  For the My Fitness Pal plans, you need to upgrade to their premium package. For, food, tracking and progress its perfect.  Plus, this app allows you to interact with friends and follow others on their journeys.


Like My Fitness Pal it has a huge database of food.  You can upgrade to a premium package too, which means you get recipes and plans.  However, if you want to track your macro’s (amount of Carbs, proteins and fats) or if you prefer a fasting eating plan like the 5:2. This app can be tailored to do this.  Yazio also links in a Garmin or Fitbit.  If you do upgrade, its slightly cheaper than Fitness pal, however the basic app his perfectly usable and worth a try.  This app is good to track your weight loss and water intake.

Lose It

Like the other apps, ‘Lose It’ it tracks food and exercise. It has a huge data base, including restaurants.  However, not so many UK restaurants!  You can snap photos of your dishes and use the barcode function to get food data.  ‘Lose It’ syncs with other apps, so your exercises are tracked. 

There is also a premium function to upgrade, similar to the others but is perfectly usable without an upgrade for basic tracking of food and progress.

If you are more of a pen and paper person and like to see a visual representation how about a white broad in the kitchen?  Divided into days and meals.  Track your progress with marbles in a jar, add a marble each time you lose a pound.

There is so much out there to support you in getting fitter and healthier. 
Let us know what has worked for you and share your tips with us……

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