Stay In, Work Out

Staying physically active is important. Exercising can reduce depression, brighten our mood and is good for the body. With the new Government rules in place allowing 1 outdoor exercise a day, it is time to get creative with your home exercises.

Sports England now has a list of exercises so you can stay in and work out. The list recommends free apps, apps with free trials and lots of free web content. A few examples include:

Les Mills on demand – This offers a 30-day free trial of more than 800 workouts, including workouts to do with your kids.

Change4Life – This website provides fun Disney-themed games and activities to do with your children. The aim is to get your children moving and to get you moving along with them.

Yoga with Adriene – This is free to access on YouTube. Adriene provides lots of different routines, from beginners, to yoga for your mood, to yoga for digestive help.

To see more visit the Sports England website stay in, work out.

One Small Step has digital and telephone health trainers that can help you create and maintain health goals and, best of all, the service is free! Get in contact today by calling: 01392 908 139 or take the online assessment.

All the support you need to help you take the first step to a healthier life
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