Smokers are you worried about Covid-19

There have been some conflicting studies for and against COVID-19 and smoking.  As the virus is so new it takes time to gather information and produce reliable robust evidence-based studies from the limited data available.

This can be a very confusing time for smokers. Let’s look at the facts and focus on what we do know. We know that, if you smoke you generally have an increased risk of contracting a respiratory infection.

This is due to; when cigarette smoke is inhaled, chemicals from the smoke are absorbed in the lungs. As a result this damages the natural cleaning mechanism of the lungs which makes smokers more prone to infections.

There are plenty of benefits to quitting.

  • We have brush like hairs in the airways to clean out mucous and debris, the chemicals from cigarettes make it harder for the cilia to move and can kill them. After 24 hours with no cigarettes there is an improvement in the function of the cilia.
  • After 48 hours carbon monoxide is eliminated from the body. Lungs start to clear out mucus and other smoking debris
  • After 72 hours breathing becomes easier
  • After 2 to 12 weeks blood circulation improves which will make physical activity like walking and running easier

It is never too late to quit! Research found that in those who quit smoking, up to 40% of their cells look just like people who had never smoked, even when the patient had smoked a pack a day for 40 years. Take a look at our article on how smoke-damaged lungs can heal to find out more. 

We can help you to quit smoking.

One Small Step provides FREE sessions with stop smoking practitioners to help you quit. We also can provide Nicotine Replacement Therapy to help you manage cravings.

Call: 01392 908 139 today. Quit today.

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