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NHS Smoke Free App

The NHS Smoke Free App is a stop smoking app that allows you to track your progess, watch your health improve, and see how much money you’ve saved.

Created for those who want to stop smoking, the NHS Smokefree app is a 4 week programme that puts practical support, encouragement and tailored advice in the palm of your hand.

The NHS App features

•Daily support messages to help to motivate you

•Badges to reward your progress

•A savings calculator so you can see how much money you’re saving

•Ability to record your motivations for quitting. This lets you take list the reasons or take a picture to remind you why you’re giving up

•Tips to help you manage any cravings

•Advice to help you stay quit

For more information visit NHS Quit Smoking

To read reviews and for more information on the app visit your preferred platform below:




E-cigarettes facts

Find out all you need to know about e-cigarettes with this facts and information sheet

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My health and wealth benefits

This document highlights the benefits of stopping smoking at different periods of time in their quitting journey

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Smoking cessation training courses

All patients are given the best support possible to stop smoking with Level 1 and 2 Smoking Cessation Training

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Stop smoking diary

This document will help track a stop smoking journey on a day-to-day basis and stay on top of their progress

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Understanding Smoking

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What happens when you quit smoking

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Being listened to and having time to talk has been great
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