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Stop Smoking

We have collated a range of materials for you to download or view.

Smoke Free App

The Smoke Free App is a stop smoking app that allows you to track your progess, watch your health improve, and see how much money you've saved. The evidence based app delivers established techniques creatively and continues to improve them as well, with scientific proof that your chances of quitting are doubled when using the app.

The smart dashboard provides by-the-second updates of:

  • How much money you've saved
  • How long you've been smoke free
  • How many cigarettes you've not smoked

See how much money you've saved: 

Enter the details of something you'd love and use the countdown clock to check exactly how long it will be before you can afford it.

Watch how quickly your health improves:

You can see how your blood pressure, oxygen and carbon monoxide levels, taste, smell, breath, energy levels, circulation, and risk of lung cancer returns to normal.

Why use Smoke Free?

The behaviour change techniques that have been put into the app comes from UK and US government guidelines about the best way to help people stop smoking. These guidlines have been developed over many years and contain the advise that experts in these countries (and around the world) have found to help the most people. The scientific evidence is reviewed regularly for updated guidance to make sure nothing has changed. These reviews happen four times, a year at the very least. ​

For more information and reviews visit Smoke Free App.



Smoking Downloads

Thumbnail Title Description
PDF file icon E-cigarettes facts Find out all you need to know about e-cigarettes with this facts and information sheet
PDF file icon My health and wealth benefits This document highlights the benefits of stopping smoking at different periods of time in their quitting journey
PDF file icon Smoking cessation training courses All patients are given the best support possible to stop smoking with Level 1 and 2 Smoking Cessation Training
PDF file icon Stop smoking diary This document will help track a stop smoking journey on a day-to-day basis and stay on top of their progress
Stop Smoking

Want to stop smoking? It doesn't have to be a drag.

If you think it's too difficult then our Stop Smoking service is for you.