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Physical Activity

We have collated a range of materials for you to download or view.



Physical Activity Downloads

Thumbnail Title Description
PDF file icon Physical activity benefits and guidlines Here you'll find great visuals on the importance of staying active as we get older; Brief summaries of how to be active, sit less, and build strength
PDF file icon Physical activity factsheet for 19-64 This guide provides all the information needed on how much activity 19-64 year olds should be doing, and at what frequency and intensity you should be doing it
PDF file icon Move to improve You'll find all the benefits of getting more active here, and the easy ways you can add this into your everyday lives
PDF file icon My physical diary This tool can identify opportunities when you will have time to fit in activity into their week. Check the guidelines and types of activities you should be recording on your diary
PDF file icon Physical activity guidelines for older adults Keeping moving is essential to living a healthy lifestyle, especially as we get older. This guide for over 65s helps steer you in the right direction
Physical Activity

Want to increase your activity levels or get fit?

Regular exercise is a great way to improve your health and wellbeing.