Lets Walk

Devon’s Biggest Workplace Walking Challenge

Throughout these unusual times we’ve all experienced significant changes to our workdays and home life. Routines have been disrupted, activity levels may have dropped, and remote working has made it harder for us to connect with our colleagues. Taking all the above into account, Active Devon aim to provide a fun and inclusive challenge for you and your colleagues to take part in and enjoy!

Looking after our own health and wellbeing, and that of our colleagues and staff has never been more important.  With so many profound benefits to walking and active movement, the challenge encourages you to break away from the computer, or sitting at the desk, and to walk or actively move more to achieve personal and team goals.

As part of the challenge you can track and log you daily/weekly steps. For this year however, it’s Let’s Walk with a difference as we have also included “active minutes”. This means you can log how many minutes you have walked or “actively moved” and these will be converted into steps. Combined team steps will then be added to the leader board and you can see how your team fares against others across Devon.

A little change really does make a big difference, and you can build up your steps in and around or outside the house. Plus, you can do this before, during and after your working day, and at weekends.

If becoming healthier and connecting with your team more isn’t incentive enough, there are also lots of “challenge prizes” and “spot prizes” to be won!

Follow the link to get your team signed up today! Take Part in Let’s Walk, Devon’s Biggest Workplace Walking Challenge – Active Devon

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