Jason quit smoking during lock-down

Jason quit smoking during lock-down with the support of OneSmallStep, who have been working hard to offer remote support to Devon residents throughout the pandemic. He was happy to share his story in the hope it will inspire others to take the first step:

‘I had been a heavy smoker for 27 years. When I was 17, I was in a car accident and suffered a head injury, as a result I am now partially sighted. I turned to alcohol and smoked 40 a day. 10 months ago, with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous I quit alcohol and recently decided it was time to work on my smoking habit.

I wanted to give up because I didn’t want to be unhealthy anymore. When I used to clean out the ashtray, I used to think to myself, ‘that’s what’s inside my lungs’, I felt disgusted. But part of me also liked smoking… it was part of me, it was who I was, the cigarette was my friend. It would wake me up, It would wait for a bus or an appointment with me. It was there if I did not know what to do. I was nervous about trying to quit again, as I had tried 2 or 3 times before and failed. I was worried that maybe this was just something that I could not do.

After speaking to my OneSmallStep Stop Smoking Advisor, I realised that I smoked most at night, even in bed and first thing in the morning. We decided that the 24-hour patches would be perfect for me, alongside some lozenges. I got on so well with my stop smoking advisor, we would have a laugh at appointments and she always supported me with the right advice and kept me on track to continue my quit attempt. Once I got the 24 hour patch it was quite easy, as it helped me through the nights. My Stop Smoking Advisor also used some behavior change techniques with me, to change my associations with smoking and help break the habits I’d been doing for years.

I have now been smoke-free for 7 weeks. I am never going to smoke again. I am now more active and I have got my ‘get up and go’ back. I am now thinking about losing some weight, I’ve got a fit-bit and I have started to walk daily, making sure I get my 10.000 steps a day.

I am also saving over £20 a day! I’ve been putting this aside, so that I can start visiting places in England.  With this money, I was able to visit London for the first time. I can’t wait for other trips in the future. I now have new opportunities opening up for me, I am just looking forward to my future. It’s like my life is starting again.’

Being listened to and having time to talk has been great
Robert (Physical Activity)
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