I quit because I’m pregnant

I have smoked for 15/16 years,20-30 a day and I have never tried to quit before.

I only enjoyed the morning and before bed cigarette, the rest were boredom or habit.

I was worried about quitting.  I didn’t think I’d be able to do it but I’ve done better than I thought I would.  I just get occasional cravings, a fleeting thought these days and it just goes.  It’s not anything like I thought it would be.  It’s about a week since I used my vape but I like to keep it just in case.  I don’t wake  up in the morning thinking about a cigarette anymore. I feel so much healthier.

With One Small Step I had phone calls weekly and now fortnightly asking if I needed any more cartridges for my vape.  This made sure I had enough cartridges to fall back on.   Denise explained that eventually the cravings would pass and she organised the nicotine replacement.  I didn’t feel pressurized and I found it quite easy, but even if I didn’t, had I stumbled, I think it would have been a case of ‘okay, move on’ and she wouldn’t have given up on me.

As I’m pregnant I have found it a lot easier.  The challenges were the cravings but being pregnant outweighed them.  Using the inhalator took the edge off cravings allowing me to distract myself with something else without having that overwhelming thought of nicotine on your mind.

I have been smokefree for 14 weeks.  I feel healthier.  The money I’ve saved has gone on baby clothes.

I don’t feel guilty anymore.  Before, every time I had a cigarette I felt guilty. Now I feel confident I’ll not smoke again.

The benefit will be seeing my child grow up.  When you have a child you should live in a smokefree house so I’m not going to get cold outside just to smoke.  Another benefit will be giving my child a cuddle without smelling of smoke.  I will see some money savings in the future but at the moment I’m spending it on the baby. 

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