“I had smoked for years, quitting this time was easier than I expected”

A client who has lung and bone cancer was referred to One Small Step by the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. 

Aaron suffers from lung and bone cancer and is currently going through chemo treatment. 

It was really important for Aaron, to ensure he quit smoking for good – to help improve his health.

Aaron had smoked for many years throughout his life and had tried to quit before, without support. At One Small Step, we provide a free 12 week program to help people quit for good. Alongside this, we also offer nicotine replacement therapy for your 12 week journey.

Studies show you’re 3 times more likely to quit successfully if you use a combination of stop smoking medicine and specialist support.

During the 12 week program Aaron was worried about lowering his nicotine intake and was unsure what effects it would have on his mood. He thought that once he had given up the cigarettes, that this would make him short tempered.

“I was worried at the time about whether my temperament would change.  Would I become short tempered?  I was concerned about becoming grumpy but that didn’t happen”.

With the support of his dedicated stop smoking practitioner and one-one sessions, Aaron was coached on how to manage his withdrawal cravings.

“One to one support was very important, as it was the sort of help I needed”.

Aaron completed the 12 week program and is now smoke free!

“I had smoked for years and found quitting this time with the help very easy, easier than I expected.  The Service was very good and very professional and it helped me a lot.  Without the help I would never had got round to quitting.  Having NRT supplied by the Service helped a lot.  I had used NRT before but not persevered.  This time I found success with help.

I’d recommend taking notice of the hospital’s nurses’ advice to get help. Since having chemo treatment and quitting smoking the growth in my lung has shrunk”.

If you wish to sign up to free Stop Smoking Support, call us today: 01392 908 139

This client wished to remain anonymous, for the purpose of this case study we are calling the service user, Aaron.

Sometimes it has been hard to come but the sessions with my Health Trainer are very helpful and encourage you loads. I have had one of my tablets for diabetes taken away which is good. I have lost weight and lost a dress size. I'd reccomend OneSmallStep to anyone
Monica (Weight Management)
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