“I didn’t want to continue into old age”

‘I have Smoked for 40 yrs averaging 15 cigarettes a day and I’ve tried to quit many times, I lasted 4 yrs on a previous attempt.’

Our client had no current health problems but was really worried about it as she gets older and did not want to continue smoking into old age.

She used smoking socially, while drinking with friends, she felt it helped weight control and generally enjoyed it and found having a cigarette relaxing.

The downsides were the smell, standing outside in cold/rain for a quick cigarette and it controlling your life

She was very worried/anxious about giving up because she didn’t think she could quit again, as she had tried so many times before. Very anxious about setting Quit Day and what would happen if she couldn’t stick to it.

She Used Champix and was very happy with tablets, even recommended them and the service to her sister.

She felt she could relate to her One Small Step practitioner, and trusted them, the regular weekly calls were very important to her.

‘Couldn’t have done it without you’. Is what she said about the support she received.

The client felt comfortable to ring and get further support or when she was having trouble getting champix scripts from surgery. She said this made a huge difference knowing she is able to call me if worried about anything.

‘Quitting easier than I thought, but it is getting bit harder now, I am anxious about coming off tablets.’ Her practitioner tell her to remind herself why she quit in the first place, to think of the benefits.

One Small step continues to support this client. She has been smoke free now since 1st December 2020 and has saved £900.00 so far. She is saving towards a trip to London with her daughter and a camper van!

I’ve lost 7lbs since I started having support from OneSmallStep, I’ve actually really surprised myself with how well I’m doing. It’s not been easy but having someone to talk to who understands is a big help. I’ve set myself a goal to lose 2st in total and I honestly think I’ve cracked it this time. My blood pressure has come down already and I don’t get so out of breath going up the stairs.
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