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Did you know that if you can quit smoking for 28 days you are five times more likely to quit for good? It’s never too late to quit smoking. Join thousands of people quitting smoking this October. OneSmallStep offer up to 12 weeks of FREE support from our dedicated Stop Smoking Advisors for Devon residents.

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Tobacco – Know the Risks

All tobacco products whether smoked, rolled or chewed are harmful. Tobacco contains nicotine which is addictive, and all tobacco products have serious health consequences. Outlined below are some of the tobacco products you may need help to quit. Cigarettes Cigarettes are made up of tobacco, a range of chemical additives, a filter and paper and

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I wasn’t in a good place last year, I found out I had cancer and COVID made that harder to deal with. I knew I was drinking more than I should. The hospital told me about OneSmallStep and I’ve not looked back. The regular support has been amazing, I talk to my Health Trainer Debbie each week and she really takes the time to understand what’s going on for me. I feel like I’m in control of my drinking now and that’s given me confidence to tackle the challenges life is throwing at me.
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