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One You - helping you make better health choices

Your health is important. But being healthier isn't just about 'doing the right thing' – it's about making changes to fit your life and make you feel good.

One You is a national campaign designed to support everyone make changes to their health and wellbeing with a range of tools, tips and support available online to help you find that balance, so you feel better, every day.

So why not take the free One You health quiz today and see how you score?

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Get free tips, tools and apps

One You offer a number of apps designed to support you to stop smoking, get active, reduce drinking and eat healthier. Visit the One You website to find out more.

Staying positive and feeling good

And if you're looking for apps to help with mood, emotional wellbeing, feelings and behaviour the One You website can help with that too.

Begin your health journey

Our online health assessment is designed to help us understand your health needs and how we can best support you to achieve your healthy goals. By the end of the assessment we will be able to understand and prioritise your needs, and guide you in the best way to achieve success.

The Risk of Drinking Too Much

Regularly drinking more than 14 units of alcohol a week risks long-term damage to your health, and can impact other areas of your life as well.

Absolutely fabulous, brilliant delivery of all information interesting and enlightening. I have learnt so much about myself, my eating habits have completely changed. I feel better, I am able to walk for enjoyment and lifestyle. My skin is brighter and I don't feel sluggish anymore.

Because there's only One You

Physical Activity
Stay In, Work Out

Staying physically active is important. Exercising can reduce depression, brighten our mood and is good for the body. With the new Government rules in place allowing 1 outdoor exercise a day, it is time to get creative with your home exercises.

Useful Links
Physical Activity Links and Information

A useful set of links to point you in the direction to your local walking groups, activity groups and more

Success Story
Alan's Story

Alan was referred to OneSmallStep after his GP warned him something needed to change, but had always struggled with a number of diets