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Daniel's Story

"OneSmallStep helps me by finding social meet ups and activity groups."

31-year-old Daniel has a learning disability and lives in Honiton, Devon. He was referred to OneSmallStep through his community enabler to reduce to his alcohol intake. 

Daniel works part time in the kitchen of a nearby golf club. He helps staff by washing dishes and keeping the club tidy. Last year he was admitted to hospital because of drinking. 

During his initial OneSmallStep assessment, Daniel informed the adviser of his disability. Daniel was paired with a OneSmallStep wellness coach, Lisa, who lives about 10 miles from Daniel. 

Lisa has experience with face-to-face as well as telephone coaching.

Lifestyle and habits

During their initial meeting, Lisa asked Daniel a number of questions about his lifestyle and habits. 

Lisa established that when Daniel’s living space was messy, he was more likely to drink alcohol. 

Drinking Less

Daniel says, “I live on my own and sometimes I struggle to keep my flat tidy. Lisa explained that if I keep my environment clean, it will help me feel comfortable and more at home.” 

Lisa asked Daniel to start an alcohol diary and record how much he drank. They were able to discuss his units and determine any negative drinking patterns in their sessions. 

Support from a family member

Lisa also invited Daniel’s mother to their first meeting. 

“I felt if Daniel’s mother joined us she could offer him additional support and encouragement. It was Daniel’s mother who initially raised concerns about his drinking. She found a number of empty alcohol bottles lying around in his bedroom, which is one of the main reasons I was asked to help.” 

Making an impact

Lisa supports Daniel to set and achieve small changes each week to make an impact in lots of areas of his life. 

“I live in a small town and I don’t have a huge group of friends,” says Daniel. “I don’t use Facebook and my phone is very basic so I don’t really have access to the internet. Lisa helps me by finding social meet ups and activity groups, and she also suggested I could join the gym, which I intend to do.” 

Despite his tendency to binge drink, Lisa now feels Daniel’s intake is better controlled. 

“I am very happy with Daniel’s progress and his alcohol intake has significantly reduced. If Daniel is motivated to keep fit; he is less likely to want to drink alcohol. By encouraging him to go to the gym, he will keep busy and active, and ultimately it will help him feel good about himself.”

Success Story
Alan's Story

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