8 weeks and £1200 saved

Exeter male client has succeed in stopping smoking with our service and in the process has already saved £1200.00 and has greater lung capacity.

Having been told about our service by his GP and after the client had been hospitalized with suspected Covid, he had pneumonia and kidney failure, the client rang the service and received an appointment for an initial assessment with Denise.  They explored the times when he found it difficult not to smoke and ways of overcoming those as well as being supplied with medication to help him to quit.

The main challenge was getting his head around actually having to stop.  They discussed in depth his reasons for quitting and his overall goals and tried to focus on the benefits. The client decided to tell all his family and friends about his quit attempt as he felt he had to do it. Once he felt committed he went for it.

“Without the service I don’t know whether I would have been successful.  You need back up and support and someone to say you’re doing well and to keep going.   One reason I kept off cigarette is that each week Denise would ring. I didn’t want to say I’d been smoking so that helped me keep on track.”

All the support you need to help you take the first step to a healthier life
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